Please, stay anonymous. Thank you!

OK. I am sure that there are some people who write and don’t care if people comment or engage with what they are reading, I am not one of those people. If you are taking the time to read my thoughts, ideals and assumptions, please take another couple of minutes and give me your input! I have asked multiple times over the course of my blogging life that you would argue with me, encourage me, anything! Without your interaction I will never grow as a thinker or writer. Please. Please. Please. Please. Engage. Argue. Comment. Encourage. Disagree. Ask for prayer. Ask for advice. Something! I love you. As much as I write because it is therapeutic, I also write so you would have another angle or direction on familiar topics. That maybe my vulnerability would be an encouragement to let your guard down. I need you. Let’s grow together.

Thank you. I am not blogging on Proverbs 8 tonight; I read it but have not yet taken the time to truly let it digest so, here is a poem instead.

my mind wonders and whirls
and spins and swirls
it hides it shrinks
like a ship it sinks
deadly with doubt
analyzing about
this loopty loop life
monsters abide
when faith subsides
darkness is night
show me the light
my mind wonders and whirls
it spins and swirls
it hides it shrinks
like a ship it sinks
I am simultaneously alive
with innovation inside
creativity unmatched
I am the deadliest catch
bursting forth
created for more
cadence implores
listen for the door
it knocks and it rings
it shouts and it sings
crying from the block
your heart is in shock
that love is this real
touch it and feel
beautiful and bizarre
how my words have opened your heart

Thank you for visiting.

dennis alan gable jr.


3 thoughts on “Please, stay anonymous. Thank you!

  1. I’m reading them Dennis.. and you rock… I read Chris’s and he reads his to me… and this Proverbs things is amazing. Already it has spoken to us in more ways than one.. from being lazy and procrastinating to giving the first of our paycheck in tithing… which is hard to do. anyway.. keep the thoughts coming… I’ll help spread the word 🙂

  2. Just found your blog man, look forward to reading it. Hope you are doing well, BloodBaught came up on my iPhone yesterday, brought back some fun times.


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