A Slithering Tongue: Proverbs Se7en

DennisGable is currently exhausted, emotionally, mentally and spiritually drained. It is liberating, freeing and frightening all at the same time.

This is what "exhausted" looks like.

This is what "exhausted" looks like.


Proverbs 7
First off, Solomon is… the crap! [censored for the religious] He approaches this written edification by saying “listen to my words and you will live, don’t just listen… strap my words to your entire body so you will not misplace them.” He then goes on his longest topical rant yet, twenty two verses to be exact. Leading off by encouraging us to call on wisdom and insight as our sister and friend so that we would keep away from the forbidden woman, the prostitute.
As my eyes scanned every word of this text I was nervous, my body trembled in fear that I would have to write the insight I have regarding these words.
She has seductive speech, a confident demeanor, a sexy body, forward [pursuant] actions, and a bed that smells like a Gold Canyon candle store. These are her weapons that she uses to attack the man, in this narrative, you are that man and I am that man.
I have fallen to the seduction of these words, melted at the confidence of her presence, lusted after the curves of her flesh, gladly welcomed her forward affections, I could do without the smoothie of fragrances, however, I’ve been persuaded in like a cartoon character floating in for a delicious home-cooked meal.

I have met her in the street.

I have slept in the bed of her husband.

I have silenced my conviction to experience the moment.

I have stated these things both actually and metaphorically .

But, I have also been a man with wayward speech, seductive eyes, confidence and the audacity to make the first move. I have been this man more times than I would like to remember and that’s because I am unable to remember. I was about ten years old the first time I remember my father telling me to f*&% women before they could f*&% me. Find ’em, feel ’em, finger ’em, f*&% ’em and forget ’em was the advice that I received from the individual who was supposed to teach me what it meant to be a man. All I learned was how to be a disrespectful, ignorant, coward, who used any and everyone for my benefit. This has been my struggle, the “thorn in my side” as I have called it in my Christianese justification.

Over the years there have been many times that I have conveniently slipped in my headphones with music and drown out the voice and call of wisdom. On the other hand there have been many times that I have seen her [wisdom’s] hands waving through the crowd and ran to her recklessly just to hear everything she had to say. Through the chaos and silence I have learned so much, I have re-written paragraphs to my story. Let me correct that, God has re-written paragraphs to this story that happens to have me as the main character. I have been transformed over the years, slowly, progressively but, surely. This process is called sanctification, it is where the Holy Spirit changes you, transforms you and molds you into a new creature and a new creation.

Praise God[!!!!] that he has taught me the things my father was supposed to teach me such as chivalry and how to respect, protect and provide for women, all of them. I am grateful for this because of who I want to be and where I want my life to go.

Men, keep your P out of the V!
Women, don’t let their P be in your V!
[P=Penis & V=Vagina]

This has turned into a short manifesto as opposed to a blog so I will cut it short here, for now.

Thank you for taking the time to read these thoughts and I would encourage you to check out Chris’ journey through Proverbs also @

dennis alan gable jr.


4 thoughts on “A Slithering Tongue: Proverbs Se7en

  1. why do you say censored for the religous? Doen’t it say in the book of James not to use foul or abusive language? I have considered foul language to fall under the catergory of cussing along with other rude and unexceptable words, and abusive language pretty much speaks for itself. It was once said by someone, cant remeber who at this time, “That a man’s words reflect his heart, and his heart should reflect that of Jesus.” We are supposed to stand out in the world. Remember many people even if we dont realize it, are watching us (christians) and we are representing the Lord in all area’s of our life whether we like it or not. Good Job on what you are doing, keep up the good work.

  2. We have a large crowd of witnesses, a very large crowd of witnesses… I am aware and observant of the eyes that view [and unfortunately judge] my life and my actions. I am not always mindful of this but, I don’t think any of us are. My daily life is full of interaction with people who either do not profess Christ as savior OR hide their conviction due to a less than mild social stigma that surrounds christianity. “Cussing” is so relative, there are christian families who consider “dang”, “crap”, “shoot” and “heck” to be curse words… I know other believers who use all sorts of “four letter” words but are incomparably gentle, respectful and gracious in their communication with people. This topic, as most of the topics discussed in the new testament of the Holy Bible comes down to the condition of our hearts. Because of the public view of certain words I would encourage people to be cautious in the context that they are used and the company that they are used around. However, I would encourage the searching of your heart before I would encourage the dismissal of a word, simply because it’s a word… regardless of the letter combination that comprises the word.

    I hope this isn’t horribly vague. I really appreciate the response and would love to keep this conversation going if you are interested in doing so.

    d.a.g. jr.

    • I guess what i am asking you is this, do you beleive words that are curse words like sh*t, f*ck, a**hole, etc fall under that category of foul language that we are urged not to use by James? Yes some people may consider dang to be a bad word, although i cant understand why, but at the end of the day would you allow your child or a kid to use the word fuck to express him/herself? Most would say no simply because deep down we know it is wrong. We are to approach our walk with christ as innocent children and much like chlildren there are some things that are just not fitting in one’s life. Thanks for responding i appreciate it and enjoy talking about hot topics like this. Remember what the Good Word says, “Iron sharpens Iron.”

  3. I am sorry it has taken me so long to respond. Ultimately, I agree with you. There is a certain boundary of censorship that is healthy to conform to; better safe than sorry, that’s what they say, right? And although I understand the statement of approaching our “walk” as innocent children, I think the semantics of this are just a bit different. We are to have faith like a child, that we would strive to see Christ with a pure and innocent mind as children see the world, their parents, etc. However, when it comes to approaching our walk, I think we must do so with maturity, strength, boldness, vulnerability, humility [which I sometimes lack when it comes to my opinion, please forgive me], and grace amongst so many other intricate attributes. One of my personal mottos is “love. pray. cuss. fight. heal.” all of which I believe are necessary at different points in our lives. One of the most revolutionary moments that I ever had with the Lord was the day that I realized that he is much larger than my language, I was at a breaking point and started praying, while screaming and cussing. God became larger to me that day.

    I hope this helps you understand where I am coming from on the subject, I do not fully condone the use of “four letter words” but, I am not afraid of them either.

    dennis alan gable jr.

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