Proverbs 1: “…Fools despise wisdom”

This is my first post for the “Proverbs Project”. Everyday throughout the month of October I will offer you my heart and my thoughts behind the words and instruction of Proverbs. Please feel free to leave your insight & wisdom, ask questions, criticize me, or anything else you feel comfortable doing. L!VELOVE

God, as I dig in to this book of wisdom, please guide my heart. Holy Spirit, please speak these words of truth and penetrate my heart with them.

I am approaching Your word and the pursuit of Your wisdom at a very raw time in my life. I am experiencing a little bit of everything without whole-heartedly pursuing anything. My lax approach makes things less tense but more confusing. Through the confusion I know that You are drawing my heart and some special hearts that surround me closer to You and the pursuit of Your righteousness.

Proverbs 1

Solomon’s purpose is that we [I] would know wisdom and instruction and understand words of insight. That we would receive instruction on how to deal wisely in obedience to Gods law, justice and how to treat humanity fairly. That we would take into consideration the interests of the naive and ignorant and lead the spiritually and physically young in knowledge and discretion. If we are wise, we should seek learning and if we understand, we should obtain guidance. That we would understand a proverb, saying, the words of the wise and their riddles.

The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge; fools despise wisdom and instruction. These might be the most powerful words that Solomon has ever written; it is the root to so many of our heart issues…

The next series of “verses” are interesting for me at the moment… Solomon starts by advising his reader to be obedient to the guidance and advice of our parents, I no longer have parents. I mean, sure, there are adults in my life who can and will speak wisdom into my life, however, I will never again receive guidance on how to treat my woman from my mother, or a tip on how to fix something from my father. These are probably not specifically the issues that Solomon had in mind but, they are the issues that I have in mind. He follows the charge for parental obedience up with these words, “do not consent if sinners entice you”. The path of selfish and greedy gain is a bloody mess, where most likely your blood will be the floor covering. This world will take no mercy on you in its pursuit of whatever it chooses to desire at the moment. If you have ever been taken advantage of in anyway, you will fully understand this. The unfortunate thing is that we all have felt these kinds of pain, some of us more often or more intense than others.

We all long for a woman to call. Solomon describes wisdom as a woman who calls from the streets and although we hear her voice, we ignore hear plea. She [wisdom] pleas and pursues the simple [ignorant, stubborn, proud] and the simple ignores until tragedy strikes the foot of the simple and upon the infliction of such pain, the simple turns their ear towards the calling voice of woman wisdom, but her window is closed. It is silly to think that we can pave our own path and turn towards the leading of wisdom to save us from the calamity that she tried to pry our fingers from in the first place. Can we take the knife out of her back without blood flowing like wine at a wedding? No.

Wisdom’s final promise is this: “ whoever listens to me will dwell secure and will be at ease, without dread of disaster.”

This is what we all seek… and yet, we ignore wisdom.

Let us not forget Solomon’s early plea: The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge; fools despise wisdom and instruction. I believe that the journey starts here… after we receive salvation through faith in Jesus Christ that we would fear the Lord and welcome wisdom with open arms.

Thank you for walking these streets with me.

Dennis Alan Gable Jr.


3 thoughts on “Proverbs 1: “…Fools despise wisdom”

  1. Hey Dennis,

    I am currently living in the Jungles of South America but some times I get the chance to come into the city and eat refrigerated food and look on the internet. I wish I had more contact with the outside world for this reason; your blog. I have to admit with the short amount of time I get in the city I do scim some of them but the ones I get to take time to read really bless me. I wish I could follow your proverbs serious more closely but I do look forward to coming in again to read more. Keep it up Brother.


  2. “The Fear of the Lord is the Beginning of Knowledge”

    To me, this proverb is built around our worldview. To acknowledge God as the Almighty creator of the Universe, and the only one through whom we can be saved, is to acknowledge how small we are. One of my favorite quotes comes from Oscar Wilde: “I am not young enough to know everything.” Wisdom means recognizing our weaknesses and to “fear the Lord” is ultimately THE SMARTEST thing we could ever do.

    My pastor while I was in high school once told me that the primary theme of Proverbs is this: “Wise people hear criticism and rebukes, and respond by acknowledging their mistakes and trying to fix them. Fools ignore their critics, and label the critics stupid, puritanical, or out of touch with the modern world.” According to him, and I wouldn’t disagree, the top theme of Proverbs is to be humble before God and before men.

    • In my reading of Proverbs… I would say that discipline and self control are among the top themes of the book. I say that not in disagreement but the theme of the story of God is that we would be humble before him and loving towards man, thus obedient and selfless. Proverbs is more closely attached to the active work of discipline, humility and obedience.

      thanks for your words Kev.

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