Locks & Keys

Seventeen months ago I told my mother that I was going to grow out my hair and donate it, in hopes that a woman with our hair type would be able to have a full head of hair that made her feel confident and beautiful while fighting cancer. My mom told me not to grow out my hair because I “was so cute with short hair”, oh how moms adore their children. And I’ll never forget when I told my best-friend [Bear] that I was going to grow my hair out and donate it. He said, “No way! There is no way you’re going to be able to do it!” His tone was similar to what I imagine David received when he said that he would go take on the giant.

Upon embarking on this journey, [actually, until last week] I had no idea if there was even an organization that accepted hair specifically for Women. I knew of Locks of Love but they create wigs for children, and although she was at one point, my mom was no longer a child. I started searching online for other hair donation organizations when I ran across http://www.BeautifulLengths.com, an organization started by Pantene that accepts donated hair to create wigs for women! So today, after a great morning hanging out with Bear and a great lunch with Alex Ly, Bear, Mike Anderson and Daniel Z, I came face to face with my Delilah! Mr. Mike Anderson thankfully did the honors, helping my initial goal come to a reality!

The man who doubted me like David against Goliath was there, watching as the blindingly bright sheers moved through my hair like a key through a lock. As if one was specifically designed for the other, wait… it was.

I’m not exactly sure what makes hair so emotional but losing it stirs up memories like a wooden spoon through stew. When most would probably assume that I’m emotional about my mom during a moment like this, I’m not. Rather, I’m thankful for my best-friend. A man who is worth admiring. No matter the fires that we’ve faced on our journeys through hell and back there has never been a flame able to melt the bond of our hearts in friendship.

Thank you for never leaving me, brother.

Here are a few pictures:

WOW.. ha

Bear and I at 18... straight actin'-a-fool!

Bear and I on his wedding day

Bear and I on his wedding day

Just a few weeks ago... being goofy!

Just a few weeks ago... being goofy!

I took this today after cutting off all of my hair.

I took this today after cutting off all of my hair.


One thought on “Locks & Keys

  1. Your a good man Dennis for what you do. I know nobody like you and Danny who live for others and its so nice to know that there are people out there that still care. Im proud to know you.

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