I am Larry Houdini

Twitter Update: DennisGable is Houdini… Those words just might haunt me forever. The sin in my heart is more ugly than I could ever give credit for.

Blackberry Messenger from “Britt!”: Whoa there, what the heck does your facebook status mean mister?

Reply: Its reminiscent  of a conversation I had with my mentor.

“Britt!”: Are you ok? Your heart is wonderful, what sin could you possibly have in your heart!?!? I know that’s a personal thing, so you don’t have to enlighten me if you don’t feel comfortable talking about it.


I am actually yet to reply to “Britt!”. I guess my reply, however, would be: What sin could I possibly NOT have in my heart?

I am wicked.

I am depraved.

I am evil.

I am manipulative.

I am cunning.

I am jealous.

I am lustful.

I am an idolater.

I am a thief.

I am Larry Houdini.

Larry Houdini is an escape artist much like his name-sake, Harry. However, Larry has never been physically locked in chains, hand-cuffed inside of a giant milk can, or even restrained in a straight jacked and yet his movement is more demanding, dangerous and even deadly.

Over the course of about twelve years Larry has attempted suicide on his own soul hundreds, maybe thousands of times. Ever attempt has been a failure in whole but every time the soul is revived it exists more and more injured.

This unfortunately is not the tragedy; every stunt has a willing participant.

Every morning when Larry lifts his head off of the pillow, a question is asked. Do I step forward? Or, do I step backwards? A step forward means that Larry would be without work, leaving him tired, lonely, hungry and eventually dead. A step backwards results in more resources than he is capable of using in the day that it is pursued.

Larry is extremely unfulfilled.

Larry is unsatisfied.

Larry is alive.

The life of Larry Houdini is a pathetic one. I am sure that you or someone you know has come in contact with  Mr. Larry Houdini at one point or another and for that, I am sorry.

The goal is that Larry would take such large strides forward and that he would walk this road until it ends.

The sin that is present in my heart is overwhelming and affecting everything. My prayer is that you are able to murder your Larry Houdini as I half-heartedly take stabs at mine.

dennis alan gable jr.


2 thoughts on “I am Larry Houdini

  1. Times and seasons, brother. I understand that “half-hearted” stab at Larry. Larry’s life is only as long as we allow it. I say this as I have a whole family of Houdini’s running around inside of me. As long as we are moving forward Harry is stepping backwards. And Larry is not immortal. Trust that.

  2. Dennis, was this conversation with me? It sounds familiar, and I had no idea you wrote about this. We all have sin in our hearts and souls, but the strength is to recognize it, acknowledge it, and fight it. (I know you know all this, because YOU TAUGHT me this!) You have helped me realize that, and so much more… more than you know. And if that BBM conversation was really with me (I’m fairly certain it was) then I WHOLEHEARTEDLY continue to stand by what I said about your heart, it is wonderful. Keep fighting my friend, you will continue to succeed.

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