2econd Sunday

to most, the second Sunday in May is an opportunity to call, spend time with and/or simply celebrate in the joy that a woman was willing to carry you around in her body for 9 months [give or take] and either push you through a place you shouldn’t fit through or sacrifice her body to have you cut out of her. [sorry for the run on] there is truly great joy in the understanding of how sacrificial a woman must instinctively be in order to birth you and that should be celebrated, without question.

for some, however, the second Sunday in May is an opportunity to reflect on the life of the most amazing woman you have ever known. for those of us who fit into this category, we should and hopefully do still rejoice in the same sacrificing love that mom showed while she was with us. in this is great pain.

i am not the only person who gets to celebrate the joy of someone else’s mother on this second Sunday in May, in fact this too is a huge blessing. i am blessed to have a number of women who have adopted me as their own throughout the course of my life, if by chance one of you reads this, thank you!

if you personally understand the pain that comes in a nation celebrating something that you [we] are no longer able to celebrate in its fullest extent, i am sorry for the pain that you will feel today. the void and loneliness might not ever fizzle away or get easier to cope with for that matter. as your brother, i understand and this encouragment is as much for me as it is for you… we have to push on, trusting that God is able to comfort and provide for us in ways that even our mothers couldn’t. please don’t hold a grudge against God for the loss, the love and support that are extended from God and the members of His family is worth rejoicing in.

I sometimes struggle with this; my mother was my absolute best friend and my mommy.

i will pray for the motherless today, that we would find our comfort in an eternally satisfying relationship with the Lord, the savior of our souls, Jesus Christ.

dennis alan gable jr. =o)


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