Testing Times

these are the days when the rubber hits the road
when my true colors show
and you get to see me fully exposed.
I am sorry that the colors of my heart are depressingly dim,
who else is to blame but me and my sin?

There are certain times in my life when I literally get the piss beat out of me, these times only last for moments or days but they feel like months and years. These are my times of testing and although I usually fail miserably I recognize that obedient response to the Gospel is here to save me. God is not some giant douche bag who dwells in the clouds and fires dos and don’ts only to get some sick joy in my failures. He is loving and sacrificial, His boundaries for my life are for my benefit, not my restriction. This testing is like the purifying of gold: the end product will be more incredible and pure and perfect than ever imagined however, the fire and pain that this process takes pulls out the dirt, grime and mess. Perfection and imperfection are dwelling within the same mold.
Any and all “perfection” even at its slightest glimpse is from the sacrifice of Jesus.
Any and all “imperfection” even at its largest dose is from the sin of Adam [and Eve].

Please pray for me, I am being attacked where it becomes the most problematic and painful… my relationships.

dennis alan gable jr.


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